A minister was driving down the road when he got pulled over by a policeman.

The officer came up to the window and smelled alcohol.

He saw a thermos and said "Sir, what are you drinking?"

The minister said "Just water officer".

He asked to see the thermos, he took one sniff and said "It smells like wine to me".

The minister said "What do you know, Jesus did it again!"


 A man very stingy with his money, just before his death, made his wife promise

that she would him buried with the $50,000 he had saved.

His wife reluctantly agreed at the funeral, right before they closed the casket, 

she snuck in this small wooden box.

Her friend said "You didn't just bury the money?"

She said "Of course, I did, I'm a Christian, I can't lie".

The friend said "You mean you just buried $50,000?"

She said "Yes, I did, I wrote a check!"


A young man and a very young woman got engaged. Once the ring went in, the lady held his hand

and said : "You can lean on me to share your pains, your struggles, your whatever sufferings

you go through, you can always share with me."

The guy said : "Well, I don't have any struggles or pains or problems!"

Then the lady said : "Well, we are not yet married!"